22 February, 2021

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Members of ethnic minorities standing against the military are concentrating on institutional change, while majority Bamar NLD supporters focus on the release of party leaders and the formation of government.

Duterte’s Tight Grip over Local Politicians: Can It Endure?

If Duterte has failed to deliver, why do so many local politicians remain beholden to him?

Remembering HMAS Perth (I) for the future

For Indonesia and Australia, the salvage of Perth has put maritime heritage cooperation into the spotlight, prompting greater bilateral engagement.

Networked authoritarianism at the edge

We should look beyond elite urban internet users to grasp the reach of Southeast Asian digital governance and its chilling effects

Fictional forest koperasi: a new pattern of land grabs in Indonesia

Fake cooperatives acting as representatives of farmers can seek land concessions and conveniently serve as an extension of corporations.

Behind the coup: what prompted the Tatmadaw’s grab for power?

Despite the seeming incredulity of the military and USDP’s claims of fraud, there is reason to take the Tatmadaw’s insistence on the legitimacy of its constitutional claims seriously.


Revolution from the kitchen: women and ecological responses to COVID-19

The kitchen has become a centre of social solidarity from which women are making invaluable contributions to the COVID-response.

The pro-democracy monks joining Thailand’s protests

"The protesting monks question the Sangha Council’s silence toward radical right-wing monks but relentless effort to suppress democratically minded ones."


Southeast Asia during COVID-19

Launching: Southeast Asia in the time of coronavirus

Our new series looks at coronavirus in Southeast Asia through diverse lens, and invites authors and readers to reflect and speculate on what we can learn from this crisis and all it brings.


National harmony: race, politics and campaigning in Malaysia

A new report analyses debates around social cohesion and a failed proposal for a National Harmony Commission in Malaysia in light of Pakatan Harapan's collapse

Alternative Visions for Malaysia requires combating political clientelism

Ross Tapsell reviews a new book on Malaysian politics ahead of the ANU Malaysia Update 2020 “Alternative Visions for Malaysia”.

Creating land in the sea: the quest for greater state autonomy in Malaysia

Land reclamation initiatives seek to side-step national regimes which had previously constrained the autonomy of local governments.

Remembering martial law in the Philippines: Education and media

Stay at home orders are opening up opportunities for critical thinking and teaching on history.

Encouraging abuse: foreign terrorist designations of the CPP/NPA

International terrorist designations are fuel for Duterte's war on communist organisations.

Surviving or thriving? COVID-19 and violent non-state actors in the Southern Philippines

Data analysis strongly suggests correlations between COVID-19 and the commission of political violence, but the causal mechanisms driving these trends are less clear.

The Cambodia dilemma: foreign affairs and human rights in tension

Instead of implementing tough trade restriction measures that affect ordinary Cambodians, the EU and US should reconsider its approach to engaging Cambodia on human rights.

Rupture—hydropower dams in Cambodia as “engines of extraction”

Hydropower dams in Cambodia generate extensive processes of commodification and extraction, feeding the country’s vast shadow economy.

Land, emotions and the durability of power in Cambodia

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MDBs in Myanmar: risk regulators on complex infrastructure projects?

Environmental and social risks can emerge from MDBs’ lack of awareness of and responsiveness to local conditions.

Myanmar’s electoral management institutions: the challenges of monitoring

In 2020 the role of the Union Election Commission and election monitoring seems increasingly politicised.

Securing a fair election in Rakhine’s conflict zones

As the Arakan Army’s armed struggle appears increasingly attractive to young voters, Myanmar’s democracy cannot afford the appearance of another false promise.


“Song Lang”: a story of art, love and life in post-war Saigon

Song Lang is a film neither about c?i l??ng nor Saigon. It is a film about the city's people, their connections and how relationships shape their selves and life paths.

Emerging dynamics among Southeast Asia’s Nepali diaspora

Associations and the polyvocality of social media can bring to fore diverse meanings of being in the diaspora

Conservation of Timor-Leste’s world-class marine ecology is not being taken seriously

Teeming with the greatest fish species biodiversity on the planet, these seas are under threat from large and small scale illegal fishing compounded by lax law enforcement.

Human rights and heritage sites in Myanmar: An irreconcilable juxtaposition or a productive conversation?

What does world heritage inscription means in a country where human rights abuses are ongoing.



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